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Wentworth is on the cover of August Man Malaysia‘s September 2014 issue.

Here’s what the 42-year-old actor and screenwriter had to share with the mag:

On how his struggles with depression effected his writing: “I think writing can definitely help process an experience of maybe reveal something to you that was hidden before. That’s probably why so many people keep journals. But if I was going through a tough time I wouldn’t just write about it. I’d reach for help.”

On coming out when he did: I came out to help call attention to what was happening to the gay community in Russia but I also came out because I was ready. ‘In my own time. In my own way.’ That’s one of my personal mottos. We should all have the freedom to move and grow and develop at our own pace. It just so happens that when the invitation came to go to Russia, I was in a place in my life where I was ready to make a public statement. The timing was right.”

On focusing on the present: “You know to be honest, these days I don’t dwell too much on the past or the future. The present is much more interesting. I’m grateful for the jobs I’ve had but I don’t spend a whole lot of time thinking about them. Recently this guy came up to me and he was a big fan of Prison Break and he had all these questions about some plot point in Season Two. And I only had a vague recollection of what he was talking about. For him it was totally fresh because he’d just watched the show on DVD or whatever. But for me it was like, ‘We shot that stuff eight years ago,’ I don’t even remember my character’s middle name or if he had one.”

– Magazine Scans August Man Malaysia – September 2014

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I have added 2 new posters from The Loft and new still.

– The Loft Posters
– The Loft Promo Pictures
– The Loft Behind The Scenes

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The 41st edition of Film Fest Gent will open on Tuesday 14, October with ‘The Loft': Erik Van Looy’s long-awaited American remake of the phenomenal success Loft by Bart De Pauw and Erik Van Looy.

‘The Loft’ tells the story of five married friends who secretly share a loft, where they receive their girlfriends and mistresses. An excellent scheme that turns out into a nightmare, when one morning they find the body of an anonymous woman in the loft.

Matthias Schoenaerts is the only actor from the original film that also stars as one of the leading roles in this remake. The other four friends are played by Karl Urban (‘Star Trek Into Darkness’), James Marsden (‘X-Men’, ‘2 Guns’), Wentworth Miller (‘Prison Break’) and Eric Stonestreet (‘Modern Family’).

Director Erik Van Looy: “We have come a long way in order to make ‘The Loft’, but opening Film Fest Gent definitely feels like coming home. Along with ‘The Alzheimer Case’ (‘De zaak Alzheimer’) this will be my second feature that will open the renowned festival, and I must say I’m quite proud. I’m already looking forward to the 14th of October and convinced that it will be a beautiful and exciting evening.”

Artistic director of Film Fest Gent Patrick Duynslaegher on choosing ‘The Loft’ as the opening film: “We are very proud to open the 41st Film Fest Gent with ‘The Loft’, the film that made Erik Van Looy’s, one of our most passionate filmmakers, childhood dream come true: making a real American movie. Mainly through its ingenious screenplay by Bart De Pauw, now adapted by screenwriter Wesley Strick to an American setting (New Orleans), with American actors in the lead roles and an even faster pace, Erik has made a film that can stand on its own, combining the qualities of the original film from 2008 with an even greater expertise. Even for those who haven’t seen the Flemish version, the ‘whodunit’ thriller full of amazing twists and complications will remain to thrill an audience by a sophisticated blend of suspense, intrigue and mystery.’


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I have added another part of screen captures from Season 1 of Prison Break.

– Prison Break Screencaptures 1×10 > Sleight of Hand
– Prison Break Screencaptures 1×11 > And Then There Were 7
– Prison Break Screencaptures 1×12 > Odd Man Out
– Prison Break Screencaptures 1×13 > End of the Tunnel
– Prison Break Screencaptures 1×14 > The Rat

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They’ll play villains Heat Wave and Captain Cold in an upcoming episode of the CW’s “Arrow” spin-off

“Prison Break” stars Dominic Purcell and Wentworth Miller are guest starring as villains in a Season 1 episode of the CW’s “The Flash,” an individual with knowledge of the project tells TheWrap. It’s the first time the actors have appeared onscreen together since their Fox prison drama concluded in 2009.

Purcell is set to play Mick Rory, a fire-frenzied bad guy also known as Heat Wave. The DC comics character is a member of a band of villains called the Rogues, which is led by a baddie named Captain Cold.

As TheWrap reported in July, Miller will play Captain Cold, who also goes by the name Leonard Snart. The villain, known for his ruthless cunning, personal discipline, and occasional glimmers of kindness and humanity, has battled the Flash in the DC comics for half a century. Captain Cold’s first appearance on “The Flash” will be in episode four, but the two are also set to start together on episode ten.

Miller and Purcell, who played the oft-incarcerated brothers Lincoln Burrows and Michael Scofield on “Prison Break,” aren’t even the first actors from the popular Fox show to appear in “The Flash” or “Arrow” (the CW show from which it was spun-off.) Robert Knepper, who played the convict T-Bag on “Prison Break,” plays a bad guy named The Clock King on “Arrow” and will soon play the same character on “The Flash.” Peter Stormare, who played John Abruzzi, is set to play Count Vertigo on a Season 3 episode of “Arrow.”


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Wentworth taking a walk in Vancouver on August 11. Wentworth is playing a supervillain Leonard Snart, a.k.a. Captain Cold.

– Candids August 11 2014

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Wentworth was spotted on the set of his upcoming series The Flash on Wednesday in Vancouver. He will be playing the villainous role of Captain Cold an enemy of The Flash. One of Captain Cold’s main superpowers is his ability to have a beam of cold that freezes anything it touches instantly.

– The Flash On the Set > August 6 2014

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I have added scans from newest issue of Details Magazine to gallery which include new photoshoot.

– Magazine Scans Details – August 2014
– Photoshoots Details – August 2014

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